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A mojiganga (pronounced: mo-he-gang-ga) is a giant puppet also used as sculpture or a grand scale design element for a large event. The head and bust are made of papier mâché which is then mounted on a tall supporting A-frame structure. Mojigangas generally range from approximately 6 to 18 feet tall (2-6 meters).

The puppeteer is able to see out through an opening in the costuming at his/her eye level. The dancer/puppeteer climbs under the structure and then places a shoulder harness on to support the weight of the head/bust.  The feet of the dancer become the feet of the Mojiganga. These puppets can be animated by the puppeteer through movement or can be free standing as larger-than-life decor or props.

It is a moment of wonder and delight to witness a bride and groom mojiganga strolling the cobblestones of San Miguel de Allende, majestically looming above the wedding party and guests as they are greeted post ceremony and then lead through the streets in parade (a "Callejoneada") to the reception site... often accompanied by Mariachis, a decorated burro, tequila, silk necklace shot glasses and noisemakers. The spontaneous photo opportunities with the puppets are loved by all, creating joyful fun and spectacular, indelible memories.

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