Our NO RISK GUARANTEE: "You'll be thrilled with your images or we'll do whatever is necessary to thrill you. And if we still can't do that, we'll give you back every penny you paid us with no hassle or no hard feelings". It doesn't get much better than that!


Unique factors that separate us from other photographers in the area . . .

OUR NO-RISK GUARANTEE. “We absolutely guarantee that you will be thrilled (not just satisfied) with your portraits or we’ll do whatever is necessary to thrill you.”

THE TIME WE SPEND BEFOREHAND to plan and coordinate everything so the portraits are really special to you. If possible, we MEET WITH YOU before the day we create your portraits so you feel comfortable with us and then you are really excited about your Portrait session.

Our desire to help you LOOK YOUR VERY BEST in all your Portraits. Many photographers don't like working with Families and Executives. They photograph them only because they have to - they need the money. But we are in a different situation. WE PHOTOGRAPH PORTRAITS BECAUSE WE LOVE THEM!

MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE EITHER TECHNICALLY COMPETENT OR GOOD WORKING WITH PEOPLE, BUT MANY TIMES BOTH OF THESE ARE NOT WRAPPED UP IN THE SAME PERSON. We certainly know how to use our professional equipment, but we go so much further to consider you as a person. This makes the whole difference between OK photographs and great portraits that will create heirloom memories every time you look at them.

We want to create portraits for you that are even MORE PROFESSIONAL THAN YOU EVER DREAMED THEY WOULD BE. Ones that will be the best that have ever been captured of you!

We really understand that MOST PEOPLE DON'T FEEL COMFORTABLE in front of a camera. We connect with this to make sure we all have fun or enjoy ourselves during your portrait session. What a wonderful difference this makes in your photographs!

WE LIMIT OUR NUMBER OF PORTRAIT SESSIONS so we can take more time and create something really meaningful to you, rather than rushing you through like a factory. No one else will throw their heart and soul into creating beautiful and emotionally impactful Family and Executive portraits for you. It's what we love to do!

WE USE REALLY SOFT, FLATTERING LIGHT FOR YOUR FAMILY and EXECUTIVE PORTRAITS. This will really help you look your best. Many photographers just use a bright flash on their camera. That is not the way to create quality, professional portraits. Soft light from off-camera gives your images the beauty and depth of studio lighting that many other photographers just can't achieve.

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